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Worst Junk Foods & Drinks We Should Consume Less if Not At All!

One utmost convincing reason why popularity isn’t a reliable standard in the choices we make in life is the existence of junk foods in line with the fact that it is becoming more and more popular to all ages than it has ever been before.

By definition, junk foods are not just the “fast foods”, instead, it encompasses all the high-calorie processed foods which contains negligible nutrient, usually has high levels of bad fat, salt, and sugar. It is also packed in the form that it looks enjoyable to wat, but in fact, gives us no benefit- worse, provides negative impacts we didn’t sign up for.

One more fact regarding junk food is it doesn’t necessarily define all the fast food… but most of them are considered as one.

Junk Foods as Processed Meats

“Sausages, salamis, oh, the mystery meats;

Eat and you shall be found-

In the deepest darkest realms,

Where healthy living is the heaven…

You’ve always been in many refusals for.”

If poetry would be there to open up your eyes to what processed meats has in store for your health that would most probably be what it would be delivering.

Saturated fats, salt… and whoever could know what organ really it is that you are about to eat? Another yay!

Junk Foods as Pork Rinds

Besides from pork rinds are deep-fried, worse is, it is saturated in salt- if alcohols have “hard”, junk foods have pork rinds! Well, of course, at the end of the day, it is still about how of it you actually consume.

Well, some may say that pork rinds aren’t that “unhealthy” at all. But you see, when we’re talking about the pork rinds which are sold by the convenient stores, it is likely for us to find that they are MSG-filled, with lots of flavor enhancers and fillers on the side. Yay!

Aligned with that, let us not forget how MSG is indeed bad for our health- and if you don’t have any intention on taking this seriously, know that this junk food, taken in an uncontrolled manner from the worst possible producers, could cause you severe diseases including liver issues.

Junk Foods as (‘Fake’) Chicken Nuggets

Chicken nuggets are just fine, of course, it is still a chicken- well, that’s if it is made from fillets. If not, then we’ve got a real problem on that…why though?

Read again the situation that processed meats are involved with.

Junk Foods as Fried Desserts

If you think desserts don’t possess much of harm for your health, then you should now start to think twice: One of its forms, fried desserts is one of the considerations at the top amongst the worst food to ever consume because beyond from the fact that it is already sugar-packed in nature… it is also deep-fried!

Do you know what eating fried desserts look like? It’s like layering a sin over another sin. So, yes! You better should run away from it!

“Be fooled not my beloved brother.”

Junk Foods as Doughnuts

Another well-loved kind of dessert we have on the list! Doughnuts of whatever form, either glazed, jam-crammed, “plain”, or filled with all the possible filling the company could imagine to put up into it is surely not beneficial to your aimed ~healthy living~… well, that’s if it serious about it.

Maybe 1 to 3 is just fine, but imagine consuming half a dozen up to a whole box all for yourself in one night- that’s an indeed blood sugar-balance destroyer, dear!

Junk Foods as Potato Chips and Fries

Potato is one among the topmost recognized root crops and as healthy as we could ever expect it to be… but not until it is deep-friend and consumed in large amounts!

Worse way to prepare it is to layer your fries with some oh so good cheese- well, if you’re trying to gain weight in an unhealthy way then we could somehow recommend that.

Junk Foods as Soft drinks

For drinks, what could be worse than soda or soft drinks? Yay! I don’t think there’s any other contender.

If you do not know it yet, gulping soda is not any different to drinking a liquefied candy- and what benefit can “drinking” a candy can give to you, huh? Right, there’s nothing.

Aligned with that, it is also regarded as “high-calorie bombs” therefore is one of the culprits among the increasing rates of diseases such as certain kind of cancers, and imagine, even hormone disruption!


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