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Top-Ranking Bizzare Dishes in the Philippines

Are you now ready to have your stomach be turned inside-out? Well, not literally… I mean, that’s just a possibility.

In the succeeding paragraphs, you will be able to witness the result of the resourcefulness yet considerably borderline-gross cuisine skill of Juan de la Cruz by having been revealed how the following original Pinoy pride dishes we have on our list are made from something that’s not so ‘ordinary’. But be reminded that it is best not to judge the following dishes just like that– not until you’ve tasted the reason why despite their nature, these “delicacies” are actually popular.

What are we waiting for then, let us now see what’s inside our today’s version of ‘Pan-dora Box’!


Pig’s meat is surely just fine, but how about its brain and liver?

Yes, you’ve read it just right- if pigs just happened to be a little bit closer than how it already is to humans in the hierarchy of organisms, then most of Filipinos should’ve already been considered as cannibals! Fortunately, that’s not the case.

A plus fact to the compliments received by this dish: When faced with this dish’ sets of “parokyano”, be prepared to be laughed at if ever you’ll dare to show confusion right at their faces regarding as how they actually have the guts to consume such food.

That’s because the answer is plain and simple: Tuslob-Buwa is delicious beyond recognition! In fact, it has been said that it is of 100% assurance that you’ll crave for the next round of this dish- but only under the condition that you have no idea on what’s in it, beforehand.

One common way of preparing tuslob-buwa is through cooking pig’s brain and liver combined with various spices until the sauce becomes thick enough. As a clue, the dish is already considered as ready once it starts to produce bubbles in its surface- which also, is the source of the name of the dish: Tuslob-Buwa which basically means dipping bubble.

Moreover, to attain perfection in the consumption of this dish, be sure that you have a rice ball to complement tuslob-buwa with you!

Lanciao or Soup No. 5

This dish is probably one that’s most challenging to eat especially for women.

You might wonder why… well, that’s simply because this one’s made of a bull’s penis and testicles.

Don’t worry, it contains only a small amount of zinc- having a sip of it won’t turn your levels of libido as crazy as how much the existence of this food actually sounds.

Widely hailed as an extreme aphrodisiac, the still seemingly smoking broth is sure to satisfy and give you non-illusory tummy delights

If ever you’ve decided to try something that would warm you up and you’re bored of the normal options that you have, lanciao or soup no. 5 is surely a must-consider pick for you.


Native pork is one amongst the hailed best type of pork that our tongues ever has to taste, but what would be your stand when this native pork actually has undergone a series of development with maggots?

That’s another wormy dish for you! But do not worry, the maggots are just intended for storage purposes, once its past the date, the native pork is now ready to be consumed. Now the question is, how the preparation after keeping it in earthen jars is done?

No, there’s no more preparations following that, that’s… it, already.

Etag is considered as Cordillera’s meat favorite so most probably, there’s something in how it tastes like that it has become Sagada’s pride meat; and that’s for you to discover.


In fishes, it is assured that the bile must be properly removed in every preparations so as not to destroy the resulting taste of the dish. But in this dish- papaitan, with goat or beef’s bile, the story is the other way around.

Papaitan is simply made up of goat or beef’s innards in which is further enhanced with its bile- intended to make this stew just as bitter and as green as it could attractively be.

To give the bitterness some twist, spices are usually added into it.


Kinilaw is not just about meats, it could also be made up of fish and even shellfish as long as it is mixed up with mainly vinegar and some other condiments.

Basically, it gives you a taste of both raw freshness integrated with the kick of its souring agent/s.


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