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Top-Proven Libido-Increasing Foods Right in Your Kitchen

Let’s not try to act as hypocrites here- no matter how much you’re attracted to your partner, you can never just expect the affection to fuel you enough until we could say both of you are satisfied in-between-the-sheets… well, that’s unless it’s fine with you for ‘that’ to be the last. I bet not.

That’s why, you should make sure that you are well-fed before digging into the game! Imagine being exhausted just before your partner makes it, it’s a bit shameful, ahoy.

Yet, the quest for the identification of those certain foods is much more of our concern than the amount you should actually consume up. That is why, for today’s reading- we have prepared you the best-proven foods that you can find just right in the corner of your fridge.

Now interested in knowing your next most-reliable sidekicks other than that ‘pill’? Here we go!


The darker your chocolates are, the better it can enhance your mood- and the regulation of blood flow in just-the-right regions.

In addition to that, chocs are also well-known to increase serotonin and dopamine levels- the happy hormones of your brain! Hence, assuring you that chocolates are surely a must-eat before the game would begin.


This veggie is capable of making your vigor to keep on kicking in until the end all thanks to its significant levels of magnesium- an essential mineral that is known in increasing the blood flow in your blood vessels. As of we know, blood flow in your appendage is what’s needed to make your love-making more ‘stable’ and of course, much pleasurable.

Spinach isn’t only recommended for men but for women as well! In fact, as much as it makes men’s erection natural, so does it makes women’s to have an orgasm in a, well, ‘easier’ manner.


A cup of tea is not just a ‘healthy’ thing to consume, it also is another desire-booster for whoever dares to have a sip!

That capacity of green tea to switch your mood on is highly due to one of its main compounds- catechin. Catechin is known as another blood flow promoter in the nether regions through killing free radicals which gets in the way and by increasing the size of blood vessels in which your “fountain of life” transports through.


Since coffee is a stimulant, it is much expected to put the lovers in the mood, especially women.

Ever read some articles saying that coffee isn’t recommended for it could just possibly turn everything down except the both of you? Well, you can now set that aside because the fact is, it has nothing to do with stressing out your sex-drive related hormones, therefore, you’re all good to go!

That is why, the next time your partner asks you out for a date, it’s a good pick for you to consider having your last destination before going home in tadaaah- a coffee shop.

Two cups of americano for the lovers, please!


Beyond from the fact that just by looking at this food, everything that is down the south comes into one’s mind, it must also be known that this universally-hailed aphrodisiac can also, in fact, boost your libido!

Oyster is an honor-lister when it comes to this field due to its high levels of zinc. And who doesn’t know what the ever-famous zinc does to one’s body, especially for the men? Yes, that’s for greater testosterone production.

If ever you’ll be in charge for the meal later, maybe you should grab up some seafood cuisines highlighting our buddy here- oyster!


Peanuts beside from its appearance-based metaphorical attachments, is proven to improve not only one’s sexual mood but more importantly, stamina.

Yet it must be noted that not all kinds of peanut can do the magic! That is because only the unsalted and mildly roasted version of it can get you qualified into the game!


If you’re a woman or a man who wants his lady’s sexual desire steamed up, you can expect two pours of wine to help you up!

With just the right amount (two glasses), every woman could surely have their libidos raging for their hidden cravings in just the perfect time! Thanks to this wine’s ability to relax the artery walls, the south then is now ready for some competitive thrill.


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