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Top Proven Fertility-Increasing Foods

There are numerous factors as how one could have a better chance of being fertile- which then are commonly being sought by those that are really eager to be parents yet are facing some difficulties in the process of achieving it.

With credits given to the ever-unstoppable research and development of science, you can now have a greater probability of succeeding through how nutrition actually plays a role in it. Hence, to help you with that pursuit here is a list of the top must consider foods you should regularly consume in recommended amounts in order for you to have a greater command on that aspired family of yours!

Grapefruit and Orange Juice

Polyamine putrescine is a nutrient that has the potentials of improving one’s semen health- further increasing the chance of a man being capable of successfully delivering his genes into his partner. At the same time it helps a man in the pursuit of being fertile, so does it improves the egg health of the woman. Fortunately, both grapefruit and orange juice has high contents of polyamine putrescine.

In addition to that, both of these sources also contain high levels of vitamin C which is very good in the preservation of a woman’s hormonal balance.

On drinking anything that is coming from a grapefruit, it must be noted that you should first verify if the medications that you are taking (if ever you have one) don’t have any negative reaction with the said fruit. If there is, it is strictly prohibited, in any lengths to integrate grapefruit in your pursuit of boosting your fertility.

Ice Cream and Fat-Filled Yogurt  

All full-fat dairy products are proven to decrease ovulation issues, as suggested by the results of a Harvard study.

Therefore, instead of taking your regular deal of low-fat milk and yogurt, it is highly recommended that you switch to whole milk which you could introduce both in your daily intake of tea or cereal and to full-fat yogurt, respectively.

Cooked Tomatoes

Lycopene is basically a powerful antioxidant which is also capable of improving male fertility through boosting the semen health as shown in the figures of pregnancy rates as conducted by a study.

Lentils and Beans

High levels of protein which could be found in beans and lentils observed to have a deducting effect on the experienced ovulation problems by a female.

In addition to that, lentil contains a sperm-helper in terms of egg-fertilization, which goes by the technical name of polyamine spermidine.

Eggs Yolks

Egg yolk is a good source of various B-vitamins, omega-3 fats, also packed with lean protein which are all necessary for increasing your chances of fertility.

Sunflower Seed

Sunflowers do not only bring visually aesthetically-pleasing joy but could also help you in your way to being fertile!

Sunflower seeds have high levels of Vitamin E which are responsible for beefing up male’s sperm motility and even improve the DNA fragmentation that undergoes inside it.

In addition to that, other fertility-helping nutrients are also contained by sunflowers such as folate, zinc, selenium, and fatty acids.

In order to add sunflower seeds in your diet, some easy ways you could do is to sprinkle these seeds on your salad, use sunflower butter (sunbutter) as a spread or add up some as you prepare your smoothie to boost its protein content!


Almost half of the recommended value of vitamin C can be obtained through simply consuming pineapples! To remind you, vitamin C is known as a great help for boosting male fertility and could even help male regain their sperm quality that is destroyed due to smoking.

Cow Liver

A cow’s liver, as well as the other organs, contain almost the same potential being a reliable producer of our reproductive health’s most essential needs. This list of nutritional needs includes Vitamins A, B12, riboflavin, folate, selenium, coenzyme Q10, and zinc. Although not all of these may be familiar to you, they are certainly the most vital needs of your reproductive system.

Hence, be sure to look up for some cow liver recipes online!


Although the calorie content of an oyster is not that impressive, it’s a very good thing that it contains vitamins and minerals which are significantly identified as fertility-boosting! Some of which are iron, vitamin B12, selenium, and zinc.


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