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Top Pinoy Budget Meals That Would Save You During Petsa De Peligro

Whether you are a student or already a working employee that’s still managing to live your day to day under a budget, most probably, you are well aware of what does a petsa de peligro means- yes buddy, it’s the time of the month (or of the week) when you’ll realize that your money is simply not just enough to cover you up for the remaining days if ever you’ll continue lavishing it on things or foods that you’ve used to mindlessly spend upon in the past days. That’s why you’ve got to pull out some survival-based resourcefulness to make it up until the due date of ‘peligro’ meets the ever-awaited end.

Although the following on the list aren’t as nutritionally compelling as much as other meals are, the meals that are on the list will surely make your tummy full enough just as to provide your basic energy needs all throughout the day.

So, if you can fully relate to everything you’ve just read yet, keep on reading and here we’ll give you the list that you should surely take note of.


During our “safe” days, we normally meet these two only on our breakfast. But you see, when your budget’s causing you some tummy-constraints, a hotdog, egg, and rice is surely not a bad choice to have you filled for lunch!

Because this one is budget-friendly, you can easily find one in almost every canteen or carinderia!


College students are definitely the topmost fan of this combination! With egg as a source of some macro and micronutrients needed by your body, pancit canton and rice is there to back you up with your carb needs… during the tightest days of your month!

One thing to take note is that pancit canton must be consumed at least with an interval of 2-3 days. You don’t want to destroy your body in the process of saving it, do you? Then always be reminded of that.


One could and should never underestimate what a siomai with rice can actually do to your hunger, utmost, when the petsa de peligro knocks on the door.

By choosing the right spice and sauce, you’re sure to enjoy your meal!


If you have some time to prepare for your own meal, then it would definitely be a big help for you to go through this tough period of your week. One way to survive this under the stated condition above is through preparing fried rice! Oh, yes- the chowking style!

Look up on your fridge and see what veggies and pieces of meat you can add up to your rice.

Combined it the with right amount of soy sauce and spices such as salt, and pepper and you’re all good to go!


Another way to survive the ‘danger times’ through spending some time to prepare your own meal is through cooking an easy-to-prepare meal such as torta!

Mix those bits of pork that you’ve got with some ground meat, egg, vegetables together with the spices needed and with rice on the side, you’re now surely saved!


Just as much as how 7-Eleven is there to provide you your needed goods in the most urgent of times because of its store location’s availability and considerable pricing so does it is also there for you when the tough times come to its date.

With meals costing as low as P29.00, you can now then fill yourself up with this sulit meals that would not break your pocket even if ever you’ll purchase two!


If you know some Pao Tsin stalls around and you’ve got no problem dealing with some fried dumplings and chicken for your meal, then you can surely expect their meals to help you survive.

For as low as P60.00, you can already assure that you won’t be in hunger for your next hour either in studying or at work!


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