Basic facts are lot of us might be eating guavas all the time but never really know the truth behind which serves as the foundation for guava’s held fame.

Well, since you’re now here, you won’t only be aware of what’s within the trend but as well as hopefully , be encouraged that at the end of this you will utilize the benefits of guava in a way it would best serve you.

Before we dig in to the best part further, let us first have some preliminary information about this plant- which is more known by its fruit… well, that’s guava fruit, of course. Finding its origin would lead us to the region of Central America. Physically, these fruits are shaped as oval and contains light green or yellow skin and contain edible seeds- that one makes it more interesting, right? To justify more the hook it already has caught you in, guavas are generally insanely rich in different nutrients such as antioxidants, vitamin C, potassium and fiber. And the said are just some of the truly good contents which gives this plant the capability of providing its patrons more than lot to list health benefits!

Relieves Menstrual Cramps

When you’re stuck in pain and everything else tends to annoy you, there’s one thing left that’ll surely get you from the rocks-and voila` this one we are talking about is through the natural way!

Your hero, of course, is nothing else but guava decoction!

With the help of just at around 5-6 mg of guava leaf extract daily could help every girls out there to reliever their painful cramps every time that ‘period’ comes.

Well, you might be wondering but this one is truly no kidding! Because researches says that in fact, guava extracts taken on the right amount and timing could help reduce the intensity of the pain felt due to menstrual cramps.

Controls Glucose Levels in Your Blood

In a study regarding glucose levels of blood had been tested, it has been proven that guava extract is capable of decreasing blood sugar levels- which of course, is a great help especially for those that usually hits beyond normal levels. Improved long-term effect and lowered insulin resistance had been the key results which serve as the foundation of the stated claim.

Guava extract indeed are capable of serving as your in aid in the battle of reaching that ideal blood sugar control!

Keeps Your Heart Pumping Perfectly!

Heart health is benefited by guavas through different ways in which mainly is the result of high levels of antioxidants and vitamins it do contains which then are critical aspects of helping the heart be protected degenerative damage caused by the ever famous culprit– free radicals.

Also, one more important thing to note about guava’s heart helping capability is that it contains high levels of potassium and even soluble fiber.

Another thing relative to your heart condition is that guava is linked to functions such as lowering your blood pressure and decreasing what’s pertained to as “bad cholesterol”.

So, how could you actually utilize the effect of guava in the purpose of defending your heart? That is through the regular placing of guavas in your list of weekly miracle food to try.

Regulates Your Daily Digestion

Dietary fiber is a significant member of nutrients which are responsible in maintaining normal digestion-related activities which then could prevent constipation together with its favorite friend, diarrhea; and at the same (also, most importantly) improves bowel movements to normal.

Fuels The Power of Your Immunity

Through the Vitamin C guava has within significant enough levels, you are protected from different infections and illnesses- which then is the very role of your immunity system! It has also been proven to reduce the duration of common cold. Also, guava is antimicrobial and all that it contains are easily processed by the body!

A trivia for you: Do you know that guava contains Vitamin C, doubled as to what the most famour citrus fruit, orange do contains? Yes, that’s no bluff.  

How would we encapsulate what we’ve learned here? Well, that in all gives us the fact that “A guava a day keeps lot of your health worries away!”


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