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Onion is a vegetable that is widely cultivated not just because growing this plant is easy-no-peasy, but most importantly is because its use encompasses an indeed wide variety of cuisine styles. In addition to that, it possesses a lot of health benefits that no one would dare to deprive themselves off! Talk about a compact of nutrients, minerals, organic compounds, and even vitamins all which could be found inside this bulb-shaped not-so-aromatic veggie!

It is a fact that onions has been here before anyone reading this had been, well, it has been known even starting from the ancient times of Egyptians, and there’s nothing we could ever have against that. But what is not known to most of us is the more important detail- that then is the list of benefits that onion has in store for us and our health concerns!

To open you up to the seemingly “magical” world of Allium cepa, better known as onion, here is a list made crafted to make you more onio-knowledgeable!


Onion contains this nutrient which is known by the name of quercetin- well, I know well that this one isn’t of anything familiar to most of us, but we could have a better grasp of its not-so-usual name by reminding ourselves that onions having that stress-defeating capabilities, that’s all thanks to this nutrient.

Going on the more technical aspect, quercetin are responsible for suppressing the enzyme which makes the cortisol- therefore, significantly reducing cortisol itself, which is known as the stress-hormone of our body.

A dreadful week ahead? Maybe you should consider having some onion-rich food on one of your meals, or maybe grab some even during at snack time!


Skincare is one of the topmost concerns not only of ladies, but as well as, men. Well, who don’t want to look with that glow brought by confidence from a pimple-free face?

In the market, there are hundred and one products available which “promises” to give you the clear skin everyone else in the room is aspiring for. But would you believe that your kitchen also has something in store for you regarding that purpose? Well, as long as an onion and either honey or olive oil in the counter, then that’s a sure yes!

With onion being an anti-inflammatory in nature, the active compound that it has surely got your back whenever the ever-not-in-timing and uninvited pimple tries to attack!


The last thing which we would ever want to disappoint us is- no, I’m not talking about romantic stuff here, I meant, your defense system of course, also known as your immune system! Well, this is the only one we could ever really call upon when unwanted substances tries to mess up with our system, isn’t it? That is why we should also take part in maintaining if not improving the functionality of it.

Onion being capable of being a help to your immunity has been made possible because the stimulants needed for the production of different vitamins, most significant of which is the vitamin C- are contained in the phytochemicals which are contained in significant levels within an onion.

Wanting a boost for your defense mechanism vs, different toxins? Well, onion gotcha.


Are you trying to avoid worrying a thing whenever enjoying your meal whether it could possibly give your stomach some hard time? If you’re experiencing stomach problems or is recorded to have any occurring related gastric syndromes in the past, onions could be the simple yet effective solution that you, all along, might be in need of!

That benefit becomes possible because onions possess both anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which are known as the key players to guiding your digestion! Add up to that the high amount of fiber contained in this veggie- a healthy, balanced, and normal digestion within your reach!

Grab a piece and make sure to put it in the meal where it perfectly belongs and you can now forget all your stomach ache-related worries!


When talking about diseases which we fear the most to acquire- we’ve got cancer and diabetes sitting confidently on the top list. That observed truth could be simply explained by the fact that with the same intensity that the life-changing struggle accompanying these diseases, so does the amount of people that are dying because of it.

Onion’s “power” against cancer and diabetes are due to quercetin and chromium contained in significant levels within an onion, respectively. Onion, of course, may not be fully capable of being the solution that every cancer and diabetes positive individuals are in need of, but undeniably, it could be a significant help, if integrated with someone’s diet in a sufficient value under a regular recommended basis.


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