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The Top 5 Reasons behind Why Filipino Teachers Rarely Gets Rich

We can clearly say that teaching as a profession here in the Philippines is surely not a good choice if your focus is on earning enough money needed to purchase both the car that you’ve stared on the magazine for so long and actually live in your dream house. Well, for some instance that’s possible… but saying that it is a shared possibility to each and every teacher here in the Philippines? It’s certainly not something to agree.

The statement given above is not to discourage that “aspiring-teacher” in you- or to completely put a limit to what economic state can someone with the said profession potentially achieve in life. Instead, the revelation of the top reasons why Filipino teachers are having the harder-way-around in the pursuit of wealth accumulation is because of two things: (1) To go back to the main purpose that teaching comes with; and (2) To open the eyes of our fellow Pinoy teachers on the ‘barriers’ that’s limiting them… and possibly, open up a door of hundredfold possibility right in front of them.

With no further ado, here are what constitutes this, indeed, very intriguing list:

PH Teachers Are Underpaid

In the grand yet obvious scheme of being wealthy, we know that at the end of the day, it all goes down to one simple key solution- that is basically the entry pass for you in the game: that is, you strictly need to make your expenses significantly less than how much you earn.

Given the fact above, if at the first place, the teachers’ income is absolutely below the line, no matter how much reduction in the expenses they’ll try to fit themselves in, getting rich will never be an easy thing for them to have right in their palms.

The Deceitful Working Hours Perspective

Being a teacher technically means that every single hour you spend teaching inside the classroom equates the amount of money you’ll then earn.  But herein is where the trick lies- teachers don’t just work during their “working hours”. In fact, even the very hour before their sleep is almost always still allotted for either creating a lesson plan, checking the test papers, or evaluating how the performance of a certain student can be improved. Therefore, should make our eyes open to the fact that the value of their hour isn’t the only form of underpayment that they suffer through. Worse, a large and much considerable proportion of the actual work that they put into their profession is not properly compensated nor simply acknowledged.

Finding Supplemental Employment Is Not a Possibility

One of the possible ways as to how to deal with having not-that-much monthly earnings is to find additional income streams.

Unfortunately, teachers in regard to the nature of their work simply do not have such privilege. Being a teacher is time-consuming, and so do in the process, they’re deprived of the possibility of getting rich… just like anyone else could possibly be.

PH Teachers, Mostly, Are Not “Mentally Rich”

If your mindset is doing you no good, then certainly, your whole life and every important aspect it covers will most likely, would follow just as the same course.

Hence, having a wealthy ‘mindset’ that’s filled with various life-changing facts about money and endless ways you could possibly earn it is a need for everyone. Unfortunately, many of our teachers here are not aware of how they can actually manage their wealth and not just let it pass through their hand every time payday come.

PH Teachers Provide Lacking School Equipment On Their Own Accord

Since teachers are very passionate about what they do- all of them strive to provide the best possible means as to how can their students learn both efficiently and effectively. That is why despite being ‘underpaid’ in comparison to the value and the actual work that they put into it just as stated above, teachers are not held back in involving their personal finances in the expenses of the school- utmost important, those that are lacking inside their room as based on their judgments, of course.


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