The Best Halo-Halo Awardees in the Philippines

The Best Halo-Halo Awardees in the Philippines

No, this isn’t a documentation for an event that has happened which focuses on the ‘genre’ of deserts in our country- this article instead is about giving you the list of best brands of Halo-Halo you can try as selected based on the smart opinions of a lot of Filipino people who simply know which deserves the front row once they’ve had a taste of it!

Before going further, let us have a glimpse of what Halo-Halo really is, utmost important in the eyes of our fellow Filipinos. Well, first of all, is the fact that this Filipino-invented ‘delicacy’ (as most of the Filipinos would prefer to classify it) is a pride of the country. In fact, when you’ll ask our overseas workers what food they miss the most within our country, one that most probably is at the top of what they’ll quickly point out is nothing else but Halo-Halo. This recognition is seen as a result of the contribution of the well sorted out ingredients this specialty is made from, which then basically includes the use of milk, leche flan (which is optional but very favored) ice cream, canned fruits, and flavored jellies!

Local wide, especially in the past, Halo-Halo is served on small stalls of seasonal businesses which appears only during summer. But, that isn’t the case for the present anymore- that is because big and well-known restaurants now include this dessert on the top offered a specialty in their menu! And these restaurants will be the one on the highlight for our today’s talk.

Without further ado, here we’ll be presenting to you, your list of next must-try’s halo-halo offering restos nationwide!


Halo-Halo offered by Chowking would snatch not only your craving but your heart with the use of its ever consistent taste and availability- which gives its name plus points to its potential patrons, indeed! The main distinction of this Halo-Halo is their used purple yam-flavored ice cream combined with enormous amount yet irresistible ingredients including jackfruit strips, pinipig, gelatin, beans, with of course, another deal-breakers- leche flan and macapuno.

Therefore, our final judgment is that- Chowking’s Halo-Halo will satisfy and definitely will make you crave for it, always, at the time!


If Chowking got purple yam, Kabigting on the other hand had been able to come up with the addition of sugared white kidney beans (which should not fool you, for that “white” actually comes in different colors) within its already tasty concoction which resulted to a chunky and creamy texture highlighted with an after-taste of a very appealing salty-sweet sense!

The challenge to be different has brought Kabigting to heights it probably has never imagined!


Although this one is not available nationwide since it is located only along the streets of Ugbo in Tondo, Manila standing still mighty starting from 1960- this situation hasn’t reduced its offered Halo-Halo’s charisma and still is capable attracting a massive number of both locals and foreigners! What’s their distinction? Well, their halo-halo is well praised for having a generous amount of craved purple yam, leche flan, and macapuno- and aren’t these three the deal breakers as what we’ve stated above? But that is not the most which we have found amazing within this brand, probably the top distinction it has is that it is served on an indeed very low price!

Low-priced but not cheap! In short, the more than most cost-efficient Halo-Halo you could ever probably find!


When the spotlight directs on how Kuya J’s customers who had tasted their Halo-Halo would tend to define how this specialty actually appeals to them, most would use the ever selling line, ‘Not your ordinary Halo-Halo‘. ‘Not your ordinary’ not in the sense of it contains a taste that’s foreign to the mouth of the Filipino people, instead because at every bite, you will be feeling that this version of Halo-Halo is perfected in the sense that it’ll be competent as to the extent of more than ‘just’ nationwide. Beyond from the smooth cream which it has, crunchy corn flakes are combined to refinement with the use of purple yam-flavored ice cream, leche flan, and the generous amount of ingredients at the bottom!

In addition to the discussed Big Halo-Halo brands above, we also have equally awesome other names such as Milky Way , Chef Jessie Grill, Grill’s Abe Restaurant’s, Mang Inasal, Manam’s Namnam , Aristocrat’s , Café Via Mare, and Razon’s of Guagua.


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