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Project BETTER YOU: Some Steps to Take to Create a Better Version of You

“Do your best!”

“Be the best you can be!”

“Be who you are!”

“Be confident!”

“You can do it!”

Oh how many times have we heard this? We’ve been hearing these since we were kids, right?

But what does all that mean? What does that really look like on a day-to-day basis?

In a world where standards are raising, everything is more complex and more competitive, if we’re not doing our best – it feels like we can get left behind.

But, being our best should not be a burden, it should be an opportunity, it should be fun. Become the best and create the life you want.

It’s difficult to always self-assess, and re-create the self. It’s difficult. But it isn’t impossible. And it surely is rewarding.

So, in this article, we will talk about the recreation of the self and becoming the best version of ourselves.

1. Own who you are. You are who you are.

Who are you? Who are you becoming? Own who you are. But why?

For starters, you cannot change whatever it is that you cannot control. If you wish to become the best version of yourself, then you have to have total control of who and what you are today. Make sure you can look in the mirror and stare straight to the person you see and there and say, “I know you. I know every bit of bad things and good things you are capable of.”

Own what you’ve been doing up to this point. Be real with yourself. Know that it’s you that got you here and it’s you who will take you wherever you want to go.

We are in the driver’s seat of our life, even when it doesn’t feel like it we are. And today, we’re moving in a different direction.

Remember that you are the master of your life and the captain of your destiny.

2. Keep learning.

Is there anything you wish you knew how to do? Perhaps cooking? Coding? What is that one thing you wish you could learn that would have a dramatic positive effect in your life?

Identify one thing that you can learn that would impact your life, work or school. And, move towards learning it.

If you know what it is, then do it.

3. Create.

When was the last time you creating something? For example, a blog post, a thank you note, a recent chapter in your book, or a new workout routine, a sketch perhaps?

Creating something is empowering. Imagine if you got into the habit of creating every day.

Creating something empowers you to believe that you can create the life you want. Start small. Start today. What is one small meaningful thing you can create today?

4. Move and keep pushing.

“What will other people think?”

“What if I fail?”

“How difficult will it really be?”

STOP. You are overthinking. The moment you think about self-defeating thoughts, you are overthinking, and it is deadly.

Yes, reflecting is great but going overboard about it is counter-productive.


Overthinking kills your courage, creativity and consistency. Move forward. Pay attention. Adjust. Move again. Make sure you spend every day moving just a tiny bit closer to your best.

5. Surround yourself with great people.

Do the people around you bring out your best?

Malcolm Gladwell thinks your environment has a lot to do with your success later in life. Not only him, almost every other successful person thinks the same way. To name a few, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and Elon Musk for example.

Need to drive the point even further, say, I ask you, “During the hard times, who contributed to the pain, failure and lack of progress?  

You could probably give me a list, right? The same is true about our great times. Great times come from being with great people. Commit to only surround yourself with amazing people only! If you can’t find any, look in new places.

They’re out there, and they’re waiting to meet you, and believe in you. Say it with me now, “Only great people!”

6. Stay excited, stay thrilled!

Do things that scare you. Do things that excite you. Was it Abraham Lincoln who said this? I think it was Abraham Lincoln.

But of course, your dream excites you. But working towards it is difficult. Right? Most of the time…it’s difficult.

To be blunt, most of the time you will feel like quitting. And for a short while, you just might.

The idea here is to get excited about what you’re doing and remind yourself all the time of all the great things you already have within you and all the great things that are coming into your life. Stay excited about your work. Know that your best days are ahead of you, no matter what your age is.

7. Explore

Where have you been lately?

It doesn’t matter if it’s abroad or within your own self.

It’s time to trave!

Routines and habits are incredibly powerful overtime, but so is the need to explore new places, new people, new ways of looking at the world, new perspective on problems and exploring new interests that we didn’t even know we had yet.

It’s very difficult for us to know what we want in life, if we haven’t explored our life enough to see what’s really inside of us.

And, what’s really inside of us only gets mixed up and brought to the surface when we explore, get out of our comfort zone and force ourselves to figure things out. So the next time you have an opportunity to explore, just simply go for it. You will never be the same again.

8. Have fun

Becoming a better person, a leader, a success story – all takes times. Trust me there will be days where it feels like you are making no progress at all.

There will be times when you are convinced that all this effort is not worth it. That’s when you know you’re taking everything a little too serious and you need to have fun again.

Be excited about the problems you have. See them as blessing. Most problems people have, are really, really good problems. For example, if you’re having a hard time starting your business, think about the amazing and rare opportunity you have to even start one, own one, and get it going. People would kill for that kind of problem.

Or even if you have lost a loved one, thing about the amazing relationship that you were so blessed to have, knowing that not everyone has that same opportunity. Take a step back, have fun and know that it’s all part of your beautiful journey. Understand that everything we are going through at this moment is there to teach us something that will help us go to the next level.

9. Disconnect.

Social media is making us mentally sick. That’s not a joke. Scientists are seeing undesirable mental effects of social media.

Disconnecting is not a bad idea at all. Literally, just like your computer. It’s amazing how that thing works 10X better when you restart it! Ha! You’re the same way.

Whether you’re working on yourself, a new work routine, rebuilding a broken relationship, changing careers…find time to pause, rest and chill.

10. Love yourself.

Loving yourself is huge! It’s everything. Just take a second now and say, “I love myself.” Breath. Say it again. See how that feels.

None of us are perfect and we will never be. We can’t become better people if we are constantly putting ourselves down and injecting shame into our life. Shame is one of the most powerful negative emotions we can feel and will stop us dead in our tracks to growth. Love yourself. All of yourself! “No one deserves your love more, than you” – Rumi

11. Love others.

Think about some people in your life who support you. Have you told them recently how great you think they are. Think about someone who has wronged you, criticized you or talked behind your back.

Are you still angry with them? Will you love everyone, of course not.

But, it’s fair to say that everyone deserves forgiveness and, that loving others makes you feel better, in control and stronger.

We have all made mistakes. And, we have all appreciated when someone forgave us. Pay it forward. When you love someone who has wronged you, you are taking full control of how YOU feel and are no longer allowing them to run the emotional show in your mind.

12. Take risks.

When was the last time you did something that scared you?

And, it doesn’t have to be skydiving, or shark cage diving. Even though, I can’t wait to do those things! Ha!Maybe, it’s making a phone call. Maybe, it’s looking for a new job, taking a class or learning a new skill. Maybe, it’s finally putting down the concern of other people’s opinions of what you should be doing with your life. Take the risk. Take the plunge. Take the leap. You’re worth it and you will figure it out. Have faith.


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