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Must-Try Dishes That Are Made Perfect With Ginger

Because of ginger’s distinctive flavor which is a perfect balance between being both sweet and spicy, it is considered as a top-ranking spice that is always used in various dishes. On a metaphorical level, ginger is undeniably the “life of the party”… even if at times, it is not the host.

You don’t believe it just yet? Well, maybe our list of top dishes could help us prove our point!

Lemongrass Roasted Chicken

Do you know what people say about this ginger-perfected meal we have right here? Beyond from it being juicy and tender, it is indeed a representation of South East Asian flavors… and yes, thanks to ginger sufficiently playing its role.

Lemongrass Roasted Chicken is an Asian Cuisine is where its main ingredient is well-complemented by its top-considered spice- ginger, together with garlic, buttermilk, fish-sauce, and pepper.

Beef Pares

Basically, beef pares is prepared through simmering a broth that has undergone seasoning until it is tender. Afterward, it is braised with soy sauce and a mixture that is similar to the one used in Chinese asado.

Together with ginger, the sweet and salty finish is achieved! Pair this one with ginger fried rice and you’re all good to go!

Pinatisang Manok

At first glance, some of you might misunderstand pinatisang manok as being the usual favorite- tinola. Yet, in taste, they do largely differ. Pinatisan, of course, uses more fish sauce and what another thing is interesting about this is that egg yolks are actually added in the stew before all the other spices- ginger included, is added up!

With ginger on the side, the balance and richness are definitely achieved as well as the depth of the flavors!

A stew that is perfect in all meals.

Camote-Ginger Pie

Would you believe that ginger could also play a role in cooking a dessert? Well, camote-ginger pie has your back!

Cantonese Steamed Chicken

Mainly composed with assorted chicken pieces, ginger is helped with mushrooms, salt, pepper, onion, soy sauce, and wine in the purpose of resulting into an elegant finish of meat that tastes just as fine as how tender it is!

For some tips in the preparation, be sure to have the chicken pieces marinated well with ginger together with garlic, cornstarch, salt, pepper, and rice wine. Cover the chicken with the marinade before steaming it. Add up rice on the side and you’re on your way to having probably the best meal for the week!

Ampalaya with Chicken Feet

If you’re looking for something healthy and delicious wherein ginger do play an indeed vital role, then bittermelon with chicken feet tinola has your back!

If you’re planning to prepare this one, be sure to have the usual assistants of ginger- onion, garlic, pepper and of course, fish sauce.

Tender yet crisp with its saltiness balanced just as well? You’re all set, then.

Chicken Halang Halang

If you’re into a little bit more adventurous kind of dishes, we suppose that you’re looking for something which exudes itself with big bold flavors? Then Chicken Halang Halang might be the answer to your cravings!

Again, with ginger as one amongst the main contributors for this cuisine’s hailed finish, the help of chili peppers and coconut milk is also something to be credited for.

Aligned with that, if you wanted to try this one and witness yourself the magic what ginger’s combination with chili pepper and coconut milk can bring- here is a step-by-step recipe which you can follow:

After you have peeled a few layers of roots and leaves of lemongrass and has achieved that pale layer, gently pound it to squeeze the flavors it contains.

Over a pot within a medium heat, heat the oil and add up first onion and garlic- afterward, ginger. Stir regularly.

Afterward, you can now add the chicken and when it is already lightly brown, you can add the fish sauce and cook it up for 3 minutes.

Lastly, put the coconut milk, chili peppers, and the lemongrass. Simmer and cover it for 25 minutes. Then, you can add papaya and continue heating it until the papaya is tender and sauce is thickened.

With the two conditions stated achieved, remove the lemongrass and discard. Season it now with salt and add spinach if you wanted to.

After all of those steps, you can now finally judge the vitality of the role of garlic on this dish!


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