Raquel Vender Ante is a writer who advocates herself on writing a hodge podge of articles that veers more on general information. She runs a personal website which she is co-founded with a cousin. The website is called “Juan Tamad”.

I worked in a government for ten years promoting my advocacies in community health and other issues. In my years of working I saw the health predicament of some people that I wanted to help. I started giving practical tips and helping them to promote wellness.

After my stint in the government, I decided to further my education, thus I went back to school and finished my second degree, Bachelor of Science in Nursing. After passing the Nursing Licensure Examination, I wanted to work abroad but it didn’t happen.

Right now I am working at the Department of Health (DOH) working as a nurse. But the desire in my heart for my health advocacies still keeps aflame. So I started doing again going to the communities helping people.

Thus, began my another journey through blogging, I contacted my cousin who is an IT expert and we drafted our new project. After sometime, all terms agreed and we started making plans and so Diskarting Pinoy was born. In this website we can help others through posting articles of different topics and issues and I moved also earn extra.

Breaking it down, I strongly believe that writing is intended to help shaping and builfing a better community towards the future of the next generation. I frequently hoping that even with miscues and flaws, people would find time to read my articles anyway. Because this is my way of creating legacy for my future followers and readers.

This site also accepts guest authors if you have passion in writing. You are welcome to be part of this site. you can inquire using write for us or contact us page.