10 Things You Should Know About Piolo Pascual

Piolo Pascual, they say, is the sexiest man alive. They say he is the ultimate heartthrob. Well, we will not dispute that. At over 40, well, he looks like 20 or something.

So, in an effort to get to know the sexiest man alive, we’ve compiled 10 basic-to-interesting facts about Piolo Pascual. Have fun!

1. Herzig. Herzig is the ‘real’ surname of Piolo Pascual. He was born on January 12, 1977 at Ospital ng Maynila Medical Center in Malate, Manila. He is the youngest son of Amelia “Amy” Nonato Pascual, and Philip Victoriano Pascual who is half-Spanish and half-German. Piolo’s father was the son of Harold Herzig, a full-blooded German, and his Filipina wife with Spanish descent, Aurora Victoriano. Harold Herzig, however, died while Piolo’s father was young, which led to the remarriage of Piolo’s grandmother to a Pascual.

“Pascual was acquired from my step-grandfather’s surname. Before my dad could even get married, my grandmother from my father’s side married another guy, a Filipino. Doon namin nakuha yung Pascual. Pero yung lola ko sa father side ang original na German,” he explained.

2. His parents got his name from a horse jockey. “When my mom was pregnant with me, mahilig mag karera si daddy ko- horse racing. Hindi ko alam kung Spanish,German, whatever yung Piolo. Yung Jose, lahat ng lalaki sa Pascual my Jose. Like my brother is Pocholo Jose and lahat ng babae may Ann”, Piolo narrated.

While growing up, Piolo enjoyed a close bond with his siblings—Chiqui, Paulette, Pam, Choi, and Patricia—despite their own father’s early death.

3. Piolo’s father, Philip, was a casting director for international films that are shot in the Philippines, though Piolo can’t recall if it affected his ambition on becoming an actor, ramp model or a performer.

4. Piolo lived an ordinary life; he went to school and spent time on outings and celebrations with his family. Piolo attended elementary and high school at St. Francis School in Santa Ana, Manila. When he was in 5th Grade, Piolo joined the school theater group, Teatro Ni Kiko, where he was introduced to the world of theater and acting.

While he was in third year high school, Piolo started appearing in That’s Entertainment, a popular teen variety show that aired in the 1990s. He eventually left That’s Entertainment, however, to get into college full-time, studying at the University of Santo Tomas (UST), where he studied AB General Education. He later shifted to Physical Therapy in preparation for his immigration to the U.S. Around 1996, however, Piolo had to put his studies and career plans on hold due to his imminent migration to the U.S.

Pascual joined his family in the U.S. that year. They lived in Los Angeles, where Piolo worked as an ER representative in a hospital where his mother worked. When Pascual turned 21, he decided to return to Manila in order to pursue his acting career once again.

5. Before he sleeps at night, Piolo never (ever) forgets to pray. Piolo Pascual is a born-again Christian. In his personal testimony, he shared, “I was at the top of my career when I surrendered my life to God. So many things were happening to me at that time. I had just finished Dekada 70 where we won 10 awards. At the young age of 25, I was winning awards and earning millions already. I was working then with Donita Rose and she gave me a Bible. Donita told me to read the Bible and that it will change my life.”

6. When Piolo was 23 he had his very first car accident while he was on his way to an interview with People Asia. “I was late for that interview kasi I accidentally hit a car, I feel worse for him than me coz the guy was really worried that his father would be angry”, Piolo said.

7. Piolo is a collector of miniature objects. “I collect yung mga McDonald’s Happy Meals, yung mga miniature na laruan. I wish people would know that para they would give me”, Piolo joked. So, folks, you know what to give Papa P.

8. Do you know what Papa P likes to wear down under? Well, he said his favorite underwear are Calvin Klein garments, whether briefs or boxers.

9. One of Piolo’s ex-girlfriend still sends him lip balms. We don’t know what that means but it probably means Piolo must be a good kisser.

10. If you are wondering what he likes for a partner? He revealed it. He said His ideal woman would have to fit the category “Woman of the New Millennium”. That’s someone who could carry herself, who has self-respect and great faith. “I would want a Filipina. I want them a bit conservative. Long legs with long hair and I like morena. I also would like someone older. I don’t want to baby anyone. I want to be the one babied,” Piolo said. He also said a woman is sexy if she has the brains.