10 Things You Should Know About Carla Abellana

You may know Carla Abellana from My Husband’s Lover or from My Destiny. Well. in this post, we will talk about Carla.

1. She’s smart.

Carla Angeline Reyes Abellana is a proof that intelligence makes a woman more attractive.

She finished Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at the De la Salle University-Manila with cum laude distinction.

And as written on her yearbook: “This talented, hardworking, and attractive lady is a consistent Dean’s Lister, but ironically she says she hates school. She is down-to-earth, responsible, and determined. This lady defines beauty without being pretentious or looking like she’s trying. She’s a genuine person to everyone she interacts with, lovers her family, friends, and above all, God. Carla is a truly blessed person and the epitome of beauty and brains. Carla has it all.”

We couldn’t agree more. Just look at this screenshot.

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Very consistent, isn’t it?

2. She is confident with her achievements.

Although Carla is not a practicing psychologist, we can see how much she values her achievements. When Philippine Star asked about her most treasured thing, she answered “her college diploma and medals.”

She even corrected the Wikipedia entry about her that says she was a Bachelor of Science graduate, rather than a Bachelor of Arts’.  And that she is a summa cum laude graduate when she graduated as cum laude.

She even posted a photo of her yearbook with a caption: “Bachelor of ARTS po degree ko and not BS. I graduated CUM LAUDE po, not Summa Cum Laude, from DE LA SALLE UNIVERSITY-MANILA po, not CSB. Thank you!”

She is indeed a humble person who is confident, not pretentious, of her achievements.

3. She knows how to cook.

Carla never fails to amaze us.  She does not only have superb academic credentials and acting skills. She can cook, too.

According to her, she looks up to her grandmother who loves cooking during family gatherings. She revealed that she likes experimenting with Italian dishes such as pasta. Then, during rainy days, she cooks soup such as arroz caldo.

Aside from pasta and rice soup she also cooks her mother and grandma’s dishes, callos and bacalo. She prided that their recipes are like a family heirloom.

But her all-time favorite is spaghetti with Italian sauce. For her, it is perfect for every occasion.

In an interview she said that she has improved her cooking skills when she became the TV host of the cooking show, Del Monte Kitchenomics.

4. She can bake, too.

Carla revealed that she loved baking pastries when she was still in high school. Her mom even bought her an oven for her own personal use.

Her favorite pastries were cookies, brownies, and macaroons, and she loved DIY-ing them back then.

Now, she could hardly find time to bake due to her busy schedule.

5. She is a career woman.

Carla Abellana is among the busiest celebrities in the Philippines today. As a matter of fact, she has television shows that air on her home network, GMA 7, from Monday to Sunday.

She has a primetime television series, Because of You, Mondays to Friday. She also hosts the weekly drama anthology Karelasyon every Saturday and she has a sitcom on Sundays.

As a busy, independent woman, she often skips physical exercise and she admits that she is not athletic.

To stay fit, she said she eats healthy food and she would love to go to gym in the near future.

6.Carla loves animals.

Carla’s grandmother did not only teach her to cook. She also taught her to love animals.

She said: “My family (members) have always been dog lovers, my lola, my mom, my aunt.” Carla grew up with dogs in the house — and perhaps, quite a few more critters. “I’ve had rabbits, birds, fish, a guinea pig and even a chicken.”

She also has three dogs named Patches (Jack Russell terrier), Sunny (Welsh Corgie) and Bubbly (Yorkshire terrier).

Because of her passion for animal welfare, she became member of the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS).

She has been an active member of the PAWS since college. Yet, she became a volunteer of the organization since 1997 when she was still a grade schooler.

She believes that her stardom is an opportunity to spread love and welfare of animals.

She shared:“Eventually, nu’ng naging artista na ako, doon ako nagkaroon ng voice to speak to the public (on the cause). Sila ’yung voiceless eh, animals are voiceless. Sino pa ang lalaban para sa kanila, ’di ba?”

7. She is open-minded.

Karla was only 5 years old when the marriage of her parents was annulled.

As a psychology graduate, she knows how important it is to understand people’s decision.

She shared: “I know what it was like to be a child and not have both parents at home… And when you are young, at times you find yourself comparing your family to others… But, as I matured and heard both sides, I developed a better understanding of why things are the way they are.”

8. She is a self-confessed introvert.

In an interview with Health Today, she confessed that she is “an introvert, a very quiet person,” that her work turned her into a bubbly and outgoing woman.

She shared: “I think showbiz [made me] … more adventurous, sociable. Mas naging open ako sa mga tao … not because I had to, but because it really helped.”

But when not in front of the camera, according to her, “the real Carla is just a quiet person.”

And she releases her thoughts and stress by writing them down to anything like scratch paper because she does not keep a journal.

She revealed: “I don’t have a journal. I write anywhere, on a piece of paper, kahit scratch paper lang, as long as I get to write. I’m a very simple, very quiet person lang.”

9. She loves seafood

According to her interview with Health Today, her favorite food is seafood.

She said: “Seafood, kahit anong seafood, grilled or steamed. But if you’re talking about cuisine, my favorites are Italian, American, and Japanese. At least, lots of the healthy stuff pa rin. Like with Italian, anything that’s cooked with olive oil then lots of salad and fresh dressing. With Japanese, raw and fresh food. ’Yun ang hilig ko, sushi and sashimi. With American, every once in a while lang, when I need protein, so steak.”

In another interview with GMA 7, she said her favorite food is spaghetti with Italian sauce.

10. She loves to stay at home.

Karla revealed that during her free time she chooses to stay at home. She also go out but “very seldom.”

She said: “I’d rather stay at home or [go to] my friend’s house. I don’t go out at night. I sleep. As artists kasi, everytime we get the chance to, we sleep talaga. We rest. I’m a homebody. My way of unwinding is to stay in the house with my family. We watch DVDs, I read a book, I sleep as much as I can. I also get regular massages, foot spas, manicures, pedicures”

Yes, the woman needs some rest.