10 Things You Need To Know About Xian Lim

Xian Lim is known as one of the 69 Cosmo Bachelors in 2008 – or the 69 hottest men in the country. Standing 6’2” and sporting a perpetually sexy smirk, it’s no wonder the then 19-year-old model/basketball player made it to the roster.

In 2009, Xian Lim’s been considered as one of the fastest rising young stars of ABS-CBN. Appearing in the TV remake of the 1980 film Katorse with Erich Gonzales, and Ejay Falcon, Lim has shown great potential for bigger roles. Indeed, he was catapulted to one of his biggest roles in television in My Binondo Girl together with Kim Chiu.

In an effort to get to know this hottie (who hauntingly makes us think of the handsome vampire Edward Cullen), we’ve gathered some interesting not-so-known facts about Xian Lim.

1. Xian Lim’s real name is Alexander Xian Lim. In Chinese, it’s Xiǎn Lì Fǔ. He was born on July 12, 1989. And, if you don’t know it yet, and for emphasis, he’s hot.

2. Xian was born and raised in San Francisco, California. He moved to the Philippines in 2008. In an interview by Cosmo, Xian said, “Nung ginawa ko ’yung Bachelor shoot last year, two weeks pa lang ako dito. I’ve pretty much adjusted na [to life in the Philippines]. I learned na mas mabait ang tao dito. They’re happier. I plan to stay here for good.”

3. Upon graduating high school in Daly City, California, he returned to the Philippines to study college as a basketball varsity scholar at the University of the East in Manila. He is a Psychology major at the said university.

4. Prior to obtaining his degree, Xian Lim has been involved with modelling. Eventually, he launched his career in acting.  “When I got here, [I did] a couple of modeling jobs. Pero not so much, mga one month [lang that I did] modeling jobs. My manager took me to ABS-CBN, asked if I wanted to do acting. Sabi naman nila if I wanna try it out they’ll give me workshops, then we’ll go from there. That’s how it started,” says Lim in an exclusive interview with Cosmo.

5. He juggled school and work. “After taping, I go home para makapunta sa school kaagad,” the young actor said in an interview.

6. Xian Lim is musically inclined due to the influence of his mother who is a piano teacher. Xian Lim is rumored to play 40 musical instruments including the piano, keytar, and harmonica among other. Xian Lim admits that his musical skills is not “pang-concert” (for concert). He said he has learned the basics from free electives and band experience when he was still studying in the United States.

7. Xian Lim honestly believes that all actors are vain. He also said that we must be honest and face the fact that our knees  go weak for appearance first before personality. Xian Lim then admitted that he wants someone who looks kind.

8. Xian Lim likes to relax by driving around with his mom. They mostly end up in Bulacan where  his mom came from.

9. Every time Xian Lim is on a trip and an immigration officer asks him what his profession is, he tells them he’s a writer. He finds saying that he is an “actor” cumbersome.

10. Xian Lim is the ultimate romantic. Asked to rate how romantic he is, 1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest, he said the degree of him being romantic is 12.